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MBX aims to explore, promote and educate the community about the origin of black life and culture by examining the Motherland, Africa. It’s in reverence to our ancestors and in a quest to learn more about our history. Africa provides a comprehensive and contiguous time line of human development going back at least 7 million years. Africa, which developed the world’s oldest human civilization, gave humanity the use of fire a million and half to two million years ago. It is the home of the first tools, astronomy, jewelry, fishing, mathematics, crops, art, use of pigments, cutting and other pointed instruments and animal domestication. In short Africa gave the world human civilization. We salute countries in Africa to show Africa’s diversity, rich history, and global connections, and to question some of the common stereotypes about Africa. For 2017, we’ve selected Ghana. The Republic of Ghana in west Africa is a land of lowland hills. It was once known as the gold coast, as the country is the second largest producer of gold in Africa. Ghana is the world’s second largest producer of cocoa beans.

A few fast facts:

  • Accra, the capital, is a large city with a population of 4.1m.
  • Ghana has a very hot climate as it is near to the equator.
  • Lake Volta is the largest artificial lake in the world. It extends for over 320 miles and can be seen from space.
  • The colorful national costume is made from hand woven cloth called ‘kente’.
  • Malaria is a major disease carried by mosquitos which thrive in the warm wet climate.
  • Ghana has a space program that launched in 2012.


Therefore, the theme for the 2017 Memphis Black Expo is: Salute to Ghana. Continuing with the mission of the expo, a team of educators, artists, videographers, photographers and writers will embark on a cultural exploration of black history and excellence in Ghana. On our trip, we will search for and record the fingerprints of black life. When we return, we will share our new-found wealth of knowledge with others on a city-wide Revelation Tour, which will consist of a multi-media display, testimonials and a free, accessible lesson plan for teachers to use in their classroom at any time.


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